“Seahorse” Update by Natalie Houchins

An update on my first feature film, Seahorse! We have been chugging away these past few months and are about 80% done with filming, with an expected completion this spring. I’ve traveled to the Texas coast, worked with incredible cast members, including Max Flores, who came all the way from Mexico City, and have learned SO much. I continue to be deeply grateful for everyone who is working on this film. It’s been a (literal) dream come true. Very excited about the next steps!

Max Flores, who plays Joaquin in  Seahorse.

Max Flores, who plays Joaquin in Seahorse.

Olivia J. Scott, who plays Adrienne in  Seahorse.

Olivia J. Scott, who plays Adrienne in Seahorse.

"Sister" has premiered! by Natalie Houchins

My one-woman play, Sister, premiered in New York City at Dixon Place last week and WOW it feels good! The rehearsal process was short, the subject matter is highly highly personal and vulnerable, and I hadn’t performed a play in over 4 years, so needless to say it was quite intense. There have been times with this project that I have been so paralyzed with fear that I’ve thought I couldn’t go on with it. Even as I was taking a bow I still had doubts. But I stayed with that fear and did it anyway, thank goodness. Very very glad that I did.

This is the life of an artist! Idea, manifestation of idea, doubt, risk (performance), brief moment of joy and satisfaction followed by doubt, repeat. On and on.

The future of Sister is bright! I’ll be applying for grants to take this show on the road hopefully to another American city and then to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next August. Thank you to everyone, especially Seonjae Kim, my co-creator, director, and dear friend, for making this happen. I’d also like to thank Talia Feldberg for assistant directing, Lucie Fleming for her very important secret special role that she played, and Walls Trimble for snapping some gorgeous production photos (and my new headshots). What talented, open-hearted, fierce artists! I’m very lucky and very grateful. Onward!

Walls Trimble Photography

Walls Trimble Photography

Walls Trimble Photography

Walls Trimble Photography

"Sister" will debut in New York! by Natalie Houchins

I’m bringing my one-woman show, Sister, to Dixon Place Lounge in New York City next month! Here’s the blurb from their website:

Sister is a ghost story about a little girl trapped in time by sexual trauma. A collision of memoir, drag, and images from William Faulkner’s The Sound and the FurySister asks the audience to come face to face with the parts of themselves that have been abandoned.

Very excited for the future of this project. Sister was co-created with my dear friend Seonjae Kim and she is also directing. More updates soon!

Pedernales River, 1995

Pedernales River, 1995

You may all go to hell, and I will go [back] to Texas. by Natalie Houchins

After a yearlong stint in Los Angeles, I have decided to make Austin my homebase. I am SO grateful for the friends I made, lessons I learned, and support I received from the incredible folks in my life. 

Though my permanent address is Austin, I plan on following my creative urge wherever it may take me, which I suspect will be Los Angeles (and New York and Chicago and unknown destinations) from time to time. 

Looking forward to this next chapter and all that it holds. 

In gratitude and joy,


Texas roses in bloom.

Texas roses in bloom.