I moved to LA! by Natalie Houchins

AAAAH! I write this post from my very cheap un-airconditioned apartment in Mid-City Los Angeles, where I just moved to (one week ago). So far I love it here. Very glad to be living in the epicenter of the film industry, and excited to explore all the cultural aspects of this amazing city. Cheers to a new chapter!

My new roommate and I stopped at White Sands National Park on our way. 

My new roommate and I stopped at White Sands National Park on our way. 

Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment Shooting Begins by Natalie Houchins

Last week I began shooting my first webseries, Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment. I wrote and am starring in it with two of my best friends from high school and first time collaborators, Kahla Brown and Sierra Tothero. We are about halfway done with production and things are going smoothly! Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment chronicles the spiritual journey of two friends as they unwittingly pursue enlightenment. One part surreal comedy, one part self-help text, one part thesis statement on the meaning of life. We will be wrapping in early August and start airing online soon after.

Here is a still from Episode Two: Through Deprivation.

“Goldfish” Wrap by Natalie Houchins

Yesterday I wrapped on Goldfish, my first professional short film, directed by local director Rommel Eclarinal! In it, I played a troubled young mother who goes to extremes to maintain a relationship with her son. It was a fantastic experience, and I'm so excited to see where the project goes. In the meantime, check out Rommel's other work on Vimeo below. Post-production should be done by early August, and hopefully this film will be making the festival circuit next year. 

Here is a picture of my co-star, Fred. Production stills courtesy of Rommel Eclarinal.