Acting Reel

Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment

an original webseries


Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment (Natalie) ● To the Hunt! Productions ● Josh Levick

Goldfish (Emily) ● Pasig Canal Pictures ● Rommel Eclarinal (shown at the Rivne International Film Festival, September 2017)

Parrotheads (Jenn) ● Independent ● JJ Pollack

Nine Months (Erica) ● Independent ● Sidda Bruno                                                   

Hard Reset (Female Reporter) ● Independent ● Deepak Chetty       

Barrow (Mary) ● Independent ● Daniel Earney

Lucky Numbers (Lilly) ● Independent ● Joel Deeter

Putting Yourself Out There (Rebecca) ● Independent ● JJ Pollack   


Popeyes Chicken (Popeyes Employee) ● GSD&M

Mixologie Perfume (Wife) ● Sparksight


A Midsummer Night's Dream (Oberon, Hippolyta) ● Rabid Bat Theatricals ● Seonjae Kim and Sammy Zeisel

Marie Antoinette, staged reading (Therese de Lamballe) ● Northwestern University ● Jessica Fisch

Pink Milk (Inanimate Objects) ● White Elephant Productions; NYC, Chicago ● Brandon Powers

"All of the actors showed great talent in their performances, especially Natalie C. Houchins who had to provide voice and emotions for inanimate objects." (

The Seagull (Nina) ● Northwestern University ● Hannah Greene

Writing Resume

links to published work

Dear Current Students

Trump and Vulnerability

Striving For Perfection In High Heeled Shoes

Making Friends Should Not Be Like Capitalism

I Have 5 Jobs and I'm Underemployed

Millennials and Launching Into Adulthood: Why We Can't Find the Starting Line

TFW (That Feeling When) We Share Ourselves on Social Media: Can We Be Authentic?

Millennials and Supportive Parents: Should We Feel Guilty?

Oppression is Metaphysical

There is No Right Way to Do Sex and Relationships as a Survivor

complete works


Feature length adaptation of Goldfish. Tells the story of Emily, a heroin-addicted young mother struggling to maintain a relationship with her daughter and a grip on reality. Currently in pre-production.

Kahla and Natalie Reach Enlightenment

Seven episode web series chronicling the spiritual journey towards enlightenment taken by two friends. Can be found on YouTube.



Short screenplay about an adolescent boy's struggle with the expectations surrounding masculinity, following his father's suicide. A Finalist in the California Women's Film Festival, an Official Selection in the TinselTown Productions Screenplay Contest, and an Official Selection in the Changing Face International Film Festival

There Was

Short, experimental screenplay exploring 90s nostalgia and the anguish of growing up. Produced as an independent film in 2015, directed by Ari Herschel Shapiro and produced by Russell Kahn. 


Ten-minute play about a woman who is trapped in a cycle of abuse, and her struggle to give herself the strength to break it. Performed February 2015 at the Frontier Theatre in Chicago, as part of Valentine's Play Festival. 

Caddy: A Play About Kings

Full-length, site-specific autobiographical adaptation of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury (Honors Thesis). Performed June 2014 in Evanston, IL.

The Windsor Knot

Ten-minute play that explores grief on the world stage. Performed at the 2013 Ten Minute Play Festival at Northwestern University, as well as the Young Gotham Arts Festival, New York City, Summer 2013 (reading).

The Way

Full-length play that follows the lives of several people struggling with the death of one troubled teenager.


Short screenplay about two girls, one with cancer, teaching each other how to live more fully with the time they have left.

works in progress


The next iteration of Caddy: A Play About Kings. Natalie, Caddy, and Quentin are trapped in Natalie's mind as she grapples with her sexual trauma and identity. Will be performed as a one-woman show in 2018.


Full-length screenplay about a young artist who returns home for the funeral of her first love. 


Northwestern University ● Theatre, Playwriting ● Dawn Mora, Laura Schellhardt ● Evanston, IL

Annie Grindlay Studio ● Audition Technique ● Carla Rosati ● Los Angeles, CA 

British American Drama Academy ● Acting ● Irina Brown, John Gorrie ● Oxford, UK 

National High School Institute ● Theatre ● Kate Mulligan, Jeffrey Simlett, Michael Fosberg ● Evanston, IL 

Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Camp ● Repertory Theatre ● Laura Middelstacht, Jeff Nauman, JW Morrissette, Linda Osborn ● Interlochen, MI   

BriteLites Acting Studio ● On Camera Acting ● Mona Lee Fultz ● Austin, TX                                                   

Tapestry Dance Academy ● Modern Dance (13 yrs) ● Tasha Lawson ● Austin, TX

Armstrong Music School ● Mezzo-Soprano (4 yrs) ● Dr. Minkyung Lee ● Austin, TX